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What ‘could’ happen to the Old Towcester Road

Below is a link to a video. This is what the proposed roundabout on the Northampton to Towcester Road could look like with containers being unloaded from trains on the rail side of the site and either transferred to the warehouses on the other side by diesel shunter or directly distributed via the road network (and not necessarily the A43).

Click HERE to see the video.

Impacts of the proposed development

– Blisworth and Milton Malsor will effectively become suburbs of Northampton. The village will no longer be a desirable place to live and the value of our properties will fall.

– The visual impact of 8,000,000 sq ft of warehousing, rail sidings, lorryparks, cranes and external container storage will be horrendous. No amount of “mitigation” can change this fact or hide the impact (the site is fully visible from Courteenhall Road).

– Irreversible loss of farmland which is a serious dwindling resource in our over-populated country

– The potential for further development around the village and on marginalised land is vastly increased as a precedent for development is set and additional housing is required for the terminal workers (and possibly the resubmission of a planning application for the land adjacent to junction 15 (ex Howden site))

– For up to 10 years we are sited next to one of the largest construction sites in the UK with all the associated noise pollution, light pollution and
traffic concerns (amongst others)

– When operational the terminal will be a 24 hour operation continually generating noise pollution, light pollution and increased traffic flows

– Access to the terminal will be via a new junction on the A43 and also a new roundabout on the Towcester Road which will provide access to both sides
of the site. With a potential 8000 workers on the site the village will be subject to unacceptable increased traffic flows (at all times of the day and night given the shift work patterns) in addition to the increased HGV
movements in the local area, some of which may be through the village. The concerns highlighted by our recent Speedwatch campaign will pale into

– Whilst detrimental effects will be felt by allresidents; businesses, farms and dwellings on the site will be compulsory purchased and those just outside the site will suffer additional hardship