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Radio Northampton Interview with Rail Central 16th February

BBC Radio Northampton ran a piece on Rail Central which included an interview with Claire Cope, Planning Director for Ashfield Land (the Developer). The news item focused on an application made by Ashfield Land in 2013 to have the local planning policy (already agreed by all the local authorities) changed to “ensure community and other benefits such as improved services and freight opportunities on the West Coast Mainline (WCML) are fully realised”; in effect trying to pave the way for this current proposal. The application failed due to the limited potential for the WCML to accommodate freight traffic. Ignoring this view, Ashfield, as you are aware, have circumvented local planning and labelled this as a Nationally Strategic Infrastructure project, despite the clear limitations on rail capacity. Continue reading Radio Northampton Interview with Rail Central 16th February

Anglia News article

Anglia News have recently broadcast about the damage and upset that would be caused if the rail terminal gets the go-ahead.

Mr Parsons, featured in the news article said

“If the developers get their way, within the end of our boundary, within 20 foot of it, there’s going to be warehouses – right the way all the way round, as far as you can possibly see. We got estate agents to come along and tell us just what out property value would be – they said it would be unsaleable with this development that’s going to happen. We would lose everything or we could just stay here and put earplugs in and close your eyes for the rest of your life.”

(Credit: ITV Anglia)

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