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What about the People?

What do you think the Directors of Ashfield Land see when they gaze across Milton Vale? Does Andrew Fisher, Managing Director and founder, see 650 acres of beautiful productive farmland; or is he, perhaps, visualising his new holiday villa in the south of France? What do you think is in James Digby’s mind when he eyes the scores of veteran trees and miles of ancient hedgerows: his new Maserati perhaps? And does Claire Cope see the varied and plentiful wildlife: the multiple species of bats; birds and plant life; or is she, maybe, planning her next move up the property ladder? One thing is certain: none of them see (or maybe chose not to see) the lives that are inextricably linked with this unique and important piece of open countryside. The lives of the people who have made their homes here, many of whom had expected to see out their remaining days in peaceful tranquillity, un-accosted by the outside forces that wish to possess, exploit and destroy the environment for their own personal gain.

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