Counting the Cost

Blisworth is a village with its roots buried deep into the past. It was there in Saxon Times appearing in the Domesday book. It has survived war, deprivation and pestilence for over a thousand years. It survives today in the warp and weft of its currently established Parish Council, Clubs, Societies and institutions that have created a cohesive happy society.

The building of a Rail Freight Interchange will destroy this village. Hyperbole? I think not. When the 7,500,000 square feet of land are concreted over and the resulting infill becomes a built environment (speculators are already making enquiries) Blisworth will disappear into the urban sprawl of Northampton.

It will be gone forever.

The continuing despoilation of English villages means our grandchildren will learn about them from Museums and old photos.


The transportation of “stuff”!

The project posits the view that the consumer society will continue its headlong pursuit of more and more stuff. Research suggests otherwise.

It is increasingly clear the acquisition of the latest “Gew-Gaws” and consumer goods has done nothing for the happiness of people.

Depression, anxiety and suicide in young people are increasing every year. More and more people are turning away from acquiring goods and look to life experiences, searching for well-being and personal contentment.

The consumer society is dying, by the time these warehouses are built they will be “white elephants” their time already past.

We are facing a new industrial revolution. What products we do need will be created by artificial intelligence and industrial robots. We will no longer need the cheap labour of the far east or the transport of goods from halfway across the world.

Twenty or thirty years hence, with increased leisure and time created by the new industrial revolution, what we will need is an environment that gives us pleasure, beauty and enjoyment of the natural world.

If this monstrosity is built we will look at its desecration of the countryside as madness, utter madness.