Email the Rt. Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP

Weight of public opinion is paramount when the Planning Inspectorate come to make their decision on whether or not to grant permission to build Rail Central.  Our MP the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom will support us, but only if there are sufficient numbers of residents that strongly oppose the scheme.

To this end we ask that you email Andrea via the link on this page to explain your objections to the proposal and how you believe it will affect you personally and the detrimental effect it will have on the wider community and the environment.

If you need any reminding of why this proposal should not go ahead please refer to SRC’s ‘Commentary on Ashfield Land’s proposed SRFI (Rail Central) V2’ in the downloads section on this web site.

CLICK HERE to send a message to our Member of Parliament, the Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP.

Do not be deterred by any automated email response during the Government recess as Andrea will continue to receive and act upon emails from her constituents

Stop the proposed rail freight development between Blisworth and Milton Malsor