The Planning Inspectorate

When you register, make it clear (in around 500 words) why you are objecting and what effects it will have on you, your family, your community or the environment. If you have professional expertise and are making technical / legal observations or challenges please make your credentials clear.

If you require further assistance please contact SRC at or call us on 01604 859098
More detailed information on how to participate in the process can be found in guidance note 8.2  Advice can be found by clicking here

Once you have registered and submitted your representation you will be allowed to take part in the examination process. Whilst not obligatory, you can attend the initial meeting (where the examination timetable is set), submit a more detailed objection at a later date, or take part in any public hearings that might take place. Or you can do nothing further, it is up to you.

Once you are registered as an Interested Party the Planning Inspectorate will communicate with you via email or post. Follow SRC on Facebook or Twitter for the latest information and advice.

Remember, everyone in the household can register individually.  NUMBERS COUNT.

Click on this link to register as an interested party