Parish Footpath Walk

It is a centuries old tradition for parishes to organise a group walk along public footpaths that once were vital routes for everyday life and even today remain essential for recreation and enjoying the countryside. ’Beating the bounds’ as the tradition was called, was a reminder of our heritage of accessible footpaths through open countryside.

In this part of Northamptonshire the countryside and its footpaths have never been under greater threat. The cumulative effect of all the major development projects planned locally, will be to concrete over thousands of acres of countryside and wildlife habitat and bring even higher levels of traffic and air and noise pollution.

Many parishes on both sides of the M1 are faced with proposals for huge building projects. In one of the largest, the developers Ashfield Land and Roxhill have earmarked over 1100 acres of land bordered by the villages of Milton Malsor, Collingtree, Blisworth and Roade, as a site for 13 million sq ft of rail linked warehousing.

To highlight the environmental consequences of these projects and the loss of open space, local people from each of these four parishes will walk the main public footpaths crossing the site. There will be a starting point in each village (see Map) and walkers can return by the same route with a total journey time of about 1 hour.

On 5th August join us on a countryside walk through a landscape that might soon be lost

The flyer for the walk can be downloaded from our General Downloads section of this website